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Technical Issues…

Please excuse the mess for a bit! Something somewhere has decided to mess my whole page up! Trying my best to fix it, not quite sure what is going on….

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Fitness For Your MP3 Player

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, my mp3 player is my best friend at the gym! Nothing like a great song to keep you going!       It is always an awesome idea to have a … Continue reading

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The Stress To Be Thin

    OMG, it honestly amazes me how quickly stress eating can make its ugly appearance on your body!! Just 2 days ago I had a little lapse in my semi healthy eating. Out of nowhere I was craving a Wendy’s … Continue reading

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Be A Kid Again!!!

Something hit me today and my mind has been tangled up in it every since.         Why is it that when we are young we do not care what ourselves or the kids we play with look like or what … Continue reading

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Shake It, Shake It, Shake It!!!

                                                                                  I know you have all seen the commercials for this… I know some people have made jokes about it (perverts, LOL), but to me this whole thing just made sense. If you put it all together, it just … Continue reading

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Please Bear With Me!

    Hello everyone!!  I am new to the whole blog thing, so please bear with me!!  I am trying to get everything set up, but some things are not cooperating with me!       

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