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A Sweet Smoothie For That Sweet Tooth

                          A while back my mom and I were thinking of doing the Dr. Oz 48 hour cleanse just to see if it would help shake us out … Continue reading

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Love Green Onions? Here’s How To Regrow Them So You Never Have To Buy Them Again!

                                How can you have a baked potato with cheese and sour cream without a bunch of green onions sitting on top? I LOVE these … Continue reading

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One More Time!

I have fallen behind again in posting, ugh.   Got so much stuff to share with everyone and so many cool projects I have started!  Hoping to get caught up soon, have several days off coming up so I should … Continue reading

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Several X-Rays and Doctor Visits Later…

I know many of you had been wondering what happened to me, well, let’s just say that I have going through Hell and back and I am now back! When you have problems with your feet, your world if completely … Continue reading

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I Know I Have Said It Before, But I’m Back!!!

I know I have been saying I would be updating for a while now, but I have had several medical issues that I ended up having to deal with.  Looks like all things are finally on their way to becoming … Continue reading

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And Here I Go Again!

After many failed attempts at diets and work out programs, I took a nice long break and I am back again! On January 20th I weighed in for the The Transform Your Body Challenge V: ABocolypse. This will be attempt … Continue reading

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2012… A New Year and A New Beginning

Time to stop making excuses and start making progress! I will be making my return in the next few days after a much needed break.  See you all soon!!

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Pumpkin-Oat Bread – Weight Watchers Recipe

Since it feels like autumn here in West Virginia, I am craving pumpkin! What better way to start off the fall season than with pumpkin-oat bread?! This recipe will make 24 servings of this yummy bread! Each piece is 4 … Continue reading

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Please Help Nick The Cat! He Is Currently Accepting Donations!!!

Now how could anyone stand to see this precious little face in pain?? This hit kinda close to home for me because my kitty went through the same thing just a few months ago so I can totally understand the … Continue reading

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My Weight Watchers Update…. IT IS FINALLY HERE!!! LOL

Alright, so I am finally back!! The past few days have been a tiny bit rough, but you know what? Screw the dumb people that seem to try to go out of their way to hurt my feelings. Karma is … Continue reading

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