~ The Site ~

    Hello all!! I am so happy to finally get around to getting this blog started! I haven’t always been a blogger, but a few months ago I figured why not? I had talked to a few other girls that were trying to lose weight, like me, and they said that there was nowhere for them to really talk to other girls trying to to do the same thing without getting made fun of. I witnessed this on a few sites myself. How crappy is that?? You try to get help and support from other people and get made fun of instead? WTF??

    Needless to say, feel free to contact me, post comments or anything and it will be taken VERY seriously and I will not tolerate @$$holes on this page. If you are not here to lend a helping hand, I will lend a foot to kick your booty on out of here!

    Now, on to the good stuff!

    Over the past few months I have experimented with lots of different diets, exercises, eating habits… you name it! I tracked all of my ups and downs and will be posting my different results for everything I tried! If there is a diet that you really wana try and are curious if it is worth it or a joke, check here! I have probably tried it!!

    I use to go through page after page trying to find reviews on lots of different ideas, but most of the places just wanted to sell you the product and not actually tell you what it REALLY did for you. Here I will tell you what my experience was (although everyone is different so you may not get the same results as I did!) and where to find the program or projects from an actual trustworthy company and at a good price.

    Deep down I really just wanted to start a place where men and women of all shapes and sizes could come and talk about weight issues and actually NOT be made fun of or picked on. I have been to several sites where people say they are “trainers”, but then as you read through their blog they are downing and making fun of the people they are suppose to be helping. I called bs on this!

    It is hard enough to lose weight alone, but when someone that is trying to help you is in fact making fun of you, how is that going to help you any??? At least here you know you will not be criticized and be poked fun at.

Here we can team up and help each other out! I am here to help you, not bring you down. If you need that extra little pep talk to get you motivated, message me!! From one fat girl to another… let’s get our butts moving!!


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