~ Brandi Nicole ~

Heeeellllllooo!!!  My name is Brandi and well, this is my blog!

A few years ago I had hit a major slump in my life.  My self esteem and health all went down the drain in almost no time at all.  I went from weighing a very healthy average of 125-135 and sky rocketed up to an all time high of 250lbs within a year!!!

It took some time, but I finally was able to pull myself back up, brush myself off and start kicking the fat!  I brought some very positive people into my life, changed the way that I eat and even took a trip to my doctor that has changed my life forever!

There I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  For those who do not know what that is, it is the condition of having an under active thyroid.  In my case, mine was severely under active which of course explains the constant weight gain no matter how much I did to lose it, the fatigue, depression, trouble remembering things, slow thinking… you name it!  I had a good bit of the symptoms!   No wonder I often felt like I was in la la land!

Since being diagnosed with this on September 1st, 2010, my doctor has started me on some meds and a new weight loss plan to help get my body functioning properly again.  I am so excited that I cannot even stand it!!


1 Response to ~ Brandi Nicole ~

  1. Marissa says:

    Hey Brandi! I just came across your blog & think it’s great. I recently just started another blog. A few friends of mine suggested the idea, so for the next 365 days, I will chronicle my weight loss (or lack thereof). LOL! I would love for you to check it out. I’m so happy to find someone else with their own blog sharing their personal story!

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