Love Green Onions? Here’s How To Regrow Them So You Never Have To Buy Them Again!

















How can you have a baked potato with cheese and sour cream without a bunch of green onions sitting on top?

I LOVE these things!

If you are like me you probably buy a bunch at least once or twice a week. Recently I was told about a way to regrow these so that I would never have to buy them again! I gave it a shot and it worked!

Ok, so here’s what you do:

Cut the onions down to the white area, leaving about 2-3 inches of the onions and the roots.

As you can see in the pic below, you put the onions into a glass, bowl or whatever you have that they can stand up in and add water.
















Five days in and these guys are ready to be cut and used once again!














Make sure you change the water daily or you will have a VERY potent onion smell roaming through your kitchen. I found this out the hard way. LOL

After my first “harvest” I decided to plant them in soil instead of continuing with the water, although I am told you can continue the water way for quite a while. I used a 2 liter to plant these in and they have been growing so well. I usually trim them twice a week! Beats going to the store and buying them when I can just grow them in my office window. :o)

















We rent the house that we are currently in so having a garden in the back yard is not possible. I am going to cover indoor gardening in one of my next blogs and explain the whole 2 liter planting idea. It works great and I think you all will love it! Especially if you are a renter like myself.

If you give this a try, please come back and let me know how it works out for you!

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1 Response to Love Green Onions? Here’s How To Regrow Them So You Never Have To Buy Them Again!

  1. Sugel says:

    You may want to grow more of these than you would normally buy to ensure that you always have a fresh supply, as you don’t want to remove all of the green parts from every single plant each time you harvest. Maybe grow three bunches of these and harvest a third of it every few days. Depending on how much light and fertilizer the plants are getting, that should work pretty well, at least for a while. (Note that fertilizing is optional. The plants above have not been fertilized, but they’re starting to look like they might need some.) It’s nice having fresh green onions always available, they’re super-easy to grow, and they’re plants. Do you need more reasons to give growing them a try?

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