And Here I Go Again!

After many failed attempts at diets and work out programs, I took a nice long break and I am back again!

On January 20th I weighed in for the The Transform Your Body Challenge V: ABocolypse. This will be attempt #5 for me on the challenge. I plan on actually completing this one! LOL

Of course I am not all that excited with my weigh in weight since it is much higher than I weighed earlier in the year. My weigh in weight was 242 lbs, which I guess I am actually kinda happy about considering my scale showed 246 two days before that.

I have been making and testing out several recipes and cannot wait to share them with everyone! I love the fact that it does not taste like food that I would eat while I am on a diet. It actually has flavor!! You know the food is great when you cannot wait to make it again and do not dread the taste. :o)

I will be trying my best to update as much as I can. Between the traveling, spring cleaning and recipe making I am not sure how much I will be updating, but will try to as much as I can!

Welp, I am back home in Cross Lanes for the night so I better go spend some time with the family. :o)

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