I Fell Off The Wagon… Once Again








It never fails…  I get on a roll and something has to happen.

2 weeks ago I was doing fabulous on my diet.  I was down 6.6 pounds in one week and was killing it with the P90X.  Then, life crept in.

I was back in my hometown and got the news that my grandfather had taken a nasty fall that had caused his brain to hemorrhage.  He was already in a home due to a previous condition so the family was not around when this happened.  It took almost 24 hours for them to even tell us what hospital he was in!  Talk about major stress!!!  24 hours of wondering…  Is he okay??  Is he even still alive?!  What condition is he in??

Yeah, needless to say my stress eating kicked in.  I gained the 6.6 pounds back in no time.  Luckily, he is now in a new home, still not in the best condition, but at least he is alive and being cared for properly.  A lot of stress off of my shoulders!

So, here’s to hoping I can get myself back on track and dropping the pounds once again!!!
I am even trying to trick myself this time into not falling off this wagon again.  For every 10 pounds I lose I will reward myself!  The first 10 pounds, mani/pedi day!  Since I have barred myself from buying new clothes until I start dropping weight, after I lose my first 20 pounds I am going to go on a mini clothes shopping spree.  That way I will be hungry for new clothes (not food!) and wana drop the pounds even faster!  When I break the 200 pound mark I am going to buy a years worth of tanning at the local day spa!  And so on and so forth.  Anything to tempt me to keep going!  I have to come up with an awesome reward for my target weight!

I have even been considering switching to day shift if possible until I get my health back on track.  Not sure I would even be able to handle day shift since it is slower than nights, but maybe that is what my body needs.  I am use to constantly being busy and doing 20 things at once, maybe I’ve been overdoing it?  I am the same way at home, I always have to multi-task.  Who knows what will happen…  guess we will see!!!

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3 Responses to I Fell Off The Wagon… Once Again

  1. Tamela says:

    Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea Party!

    I too have fallen off the weight loss wagon. I was doing so good and finally broke my unbreakable weight lost line. Then I got so busy when school started back in Jan with working full time and my two grad classes I haven’t stepped back in they gym. I really need to get going again. I need to come up with a reward system like you and maybe even chart it out. A mani/pedi sure does sound nice!!! Here’s to both of us getting back on that wagon!

  2. Visiting from Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party. I am also working to lose weight and keep falling off the wagon. life always seems to get in the way 😦 Sorry about your Grandpa, but glad to hear he is in a new home now!

  3. I am not sure how many times I have fallen off and over the wagon. My hubby has done great though. He is so serious about the low carb way of living. I did really good for a while, but then stress intered my life. I have a mother-in-law that is 91(with dementia) that has lived with us for the past 17 years and then a 15 , 17 and 19 year old living at home and sometimes the stress is just a little much. What would I do without the Lord holding me up most of the time, I am not sure. Hope that your grandfather is doing better.
    I have traveled over by way of the Lady Blogger Tea Party. I will be following your blog.

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