Happy Valentine’s Day and A Quickie Update

Hoping everyone of you had a marvelous Valentine’s Day!

Fell behind once again due to illness.  Seems like I stay sick!  Sheesh…  Just another good reason to get myself back in shape.

Back from a visit to the doc and I am pretty excited!  Got all of my bloodwork done yesterday  (great way to start Valentine’s Day huh?) and got all of my meds that I will need for the next two weeks.  We are hoping to get this weight problem under control!  I go back in two weeks to get all of my test results and see if they need to up the dosage of my thryroid meds.  Hoping all goes well!

Ran my P90X diet by my doc after a good friend said that she thought the my daily calories were too high also.  On the P90X diet they have 3 levels, according to how they have you figure out your nutrition level, I came up with level 3 which is 3,000 calories per day.  For the next 2 weeks however she is wanting me to try going back to my 1,500 calorie diet and see how that works, but use the P90X diet as an outline.

I have already printed out my daily food and workout sheets so I am hoping I can keep myself on track this time!  At least this way I can take all of the papers to her at the end of the 2 weeks to review and see if I need to make improvements anywhere.  Once I get myself caught up I think I will start loading my diary at the end of the day and see if anyone out there may have suggestions!

Off to start my P90X once again!  Chest and back time!!!

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2 Responses to Happy Valentine’s Day and A Quickie Update

  1. lindsaymaddox says:

    Hope that all of the results from your blood work came back nothing less than great! Also, when you said you printed out your food sheet, that made me think to ask you if you had tried SparkPeople.com yet? I’m pretty much OBSESSED with it simply because of the food tracker & fitness trackers. Completely free, and I don’t know how because they’re amazing! You can run reports for the week to see *exactly* how you’re doing, you can set up your numbers for each day to watch your “calorie budget”, etc. Too much amazing stuff to list. LOOOVE it! Let me know if you get on there so we can “friend” eachother, I think my s/n is LindsayMDX 🙂

  2. lindsaymaddox says:

    AH HA! I found a way to link to “me” on spark people 🙂


    Hope you sign up, I’ve had a blast with it!

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