And the Challenge Begins!!!

The night before last I did my weigh in at the gym.  Needless to say the scale at the gym did not impress me.  LOL  Just like my one at home!  Oh well, this is the beginning right??  Gotta look forward to the end of the challenge!!!

So here are my results…












Not so impressive huh?  I know I wasn’t thrilled either. 47.1% fat?  Yikes!!!  How the Hell did I let this happen?!  Oh well, gotta buckle down now and take my body back from the fat!  Grrrrrrr!  Scary enough?  LOL

Now on with the food!!

Yesterday I overslept and woke up sooooo sore and was not in the mood to cook at all!  Luckily we have a Quiznos right down the road and we were able to grab a quick sub!  I opted for the turkey club which runs about 560 calories, sounds like a lot, but considering the diet plan has me at 3,000 calories a day (which still sounds way too high to me!) it was a splash in the bucket compared to my total.

We went out for dinner, but I made sure to keep it healthy!  Got some grilled chicken and for the side I went for the applesauce!!!  Soooooo good!

Started off awesome this morning too!  Kept the calories low with some whole grain Eggos, oatmeal and grafefruit!!











Yummy huh??  May not be the healthiest, but better than a lot of what I could of had!

For lunch I am doing a big ole salad and then for dinner we are hitting the pork tenderloin, which you can see in the earlier post, and some veggies!  Pics will follow!  Time to get in my chest and back workout before work!  Hope I can fit it all in!

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6 Responses to And the Challenge Begins!!!

  1. Beth says:

    Love your blog. I as well need to take my body bak from the fat. But… I would have to say Im a bit lazy. I think I may have to jump on your challenge. Your food looks yummy so you must not be going hungry which is a good thing when we are trying to loss weight. Cheering you on to success and VICTORY! Blessings

  2. K.T. says:

    New here from LBS too! I too just started working out and eating right again! Isn’t it wild how much you can eat at first??? It’s all about eating the RIGHT things within those calorie ranges too!

    I haven’t posted all my stats yet on my blog (other than start weight) but plan to when I weigh in this Friday.

    Good luck! I’ll be back and continue keeping up with your journey!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Just stopping by to check on your progress and wish you continued good luck!! Also, are you sure that the 3,000 cals/day is correct? That sounds insanely high! From the numbers on your check in, you should be consuming around 1990/day for moderate fat loss or 1840/day for higher fat loss. 2500/day would probably maintain your weight doing p90x.

    • I thought that it was way too high myself. I even asked some of the coaches on the Beach Body site if that sounded correct and they said yes. To me it was just too much food, it kinda felt like I was defeating the purpose. Make a ton of food, eat half, feel stuffed and still have so much to go! Felt like I was stretching my stomach out more than anything.

      Think I will shoot for the 1840. Sounds a lot better! The doc had me on 1500 for a while, but I was getting sick on it for some reason…

  4. Sedat says:

    There are a cloupe of crossfit gyms in Hillsboro near RA or you could join the UBC dojo I go to off Cornelius. Kickboxing. That is a good workout! (so I’m told. I’m usually lying on the floor trying not to pass out.)

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