P90X : Day 1

We have officially started P90X!!!  Follow me here daily on my journey, taking this fat girl to a skinny bitch!  For the next 90 days this will be my extra bit of motivation and a way to track my progress.

I am a few days behind on posting so I will be posting our first few days ASAP!

Off to a good start here!  Loving the food!  Currently I am doing Phase 1: Fat Shredder, Level 3. As you can see from the photos, I will not be going hungry!  Here are my meals throughout the day!


Mushroom omelette time!  These things are HUGE!!  As you can see, it actually hangs off the sides of the plate!  I am going to cut back on the eggs I believe because I could not finish the whole thing.  I was 1/2 way through it and I was STUFFED!!!!







This is why it is so big.  LOL  All of those are for one omelette!!!







Cooking up the mushrooms and tomatoes!




















Not too bad for a first time flipper huh???  I figured I would make an enormous mess of this, but it turned out pretty freakin good!


Chef salad time!  Once again, these are huge and once again, I could not finish the whole thing.  Loved the hearts of palm and avocado added to this.  Such an awesome mix!












Salmon, wild rice, broccoli and red pepper soup!  Oh so yummy!  Yup, I am one very happy girl!!!  So far, I feel like I have been over eating!

Stay tuned for my reviews on the work outs and some of the equipment we purchased!

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2 Responses to P90X : Day 1

  1. NYCPatty says:

    Hi, I’m coming over from the Lady Blogger’s Society Tea Party 🙂
    Love your blog name! I’m on a weight loss journey too…feeling a little stuck these days but not giving up! Looking forward to hear what you think of the P90X workout!

  2. Hi Brandi, Your meals look amazing? How is P90X treating you? I love that program!

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