P90X Prep!

As you can see we are ready, willing and well, hopefully able.  LOL  I knocked out the grocery shopping the other night!  Took me 2 hours to get everything we need!

Lord!  Can you say THAT’S A LOT OF FOOD???  Doesn’t look like we are starting a new diet does it?

We took our 3rd bedroom, took everything out and dubbed it our own personal little gym during the program!  :o)  Yay!  Pics soon!

Time to get everything prepped and ready to go!
Wish us luck!  Since we work nights we will now have a goofy schedule.  Lord knows I will be loading up on a bit of coffee before hand to keep myself going!

Stay tuned for the daily updates!!!

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3 Responses to P90X Prep!

  1. You will love P90X, we did it and it is awesome…good luck…keep going no matter what..

    your newest follower…



  2. Kim says:

    Hi there! Love your site….we have the same sense of humor about being fat, trying to loose the fat and the “ha ha’s” that go along with all of that…I really enjoyed your blog. Found you from the Lady Blogger Tea Party. I’ll stay posted! HUGS, Kim

  3. Val says:

    Hi Im Val we are folloing you from Lady Blogger Tea Party I want to raid your fridge lol nice to meet you! I would love for you to stop and visit us.

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