New Year, New Year’s Resolution And The Usual Trend… New Diet!!

Alright, alright… kinda cliche, I know.  New Year, almost everyone and their brother decides to start a new diet.  I myself did this LAST year, had sucess, and then failed miserably.  I found out quickly why they say check with your doctor before starting a new diet or work out plan.

I was kicking ass there for a while!!  I started the year off at 250 and a size 24 and dropped to an 18 and 220 pounds in almost no time!  Unfortunately, I hit a snag a little way through the year.  Lost 10 pounds, gained 20, lost 15, gained 25.  I was pissed, down right stumped and gradually just gave up.  Had I went to the doc before hand I would have found out about the hypothyroidism (which you can read about in earlier posts) and would have been able to get the medication and diet plan that worked with my condition.

To sum it all up, before you start out on this New Year’s resolution, make sure to check with your doctor to make sure you are ready for this new way of life.  Plus, this way they can spot any issues that may hamper your plans and they can help you get started off on the right foot!

So how am I preparing for the resolution??  For starters I am going through the fridge and cabinets and getting rid of ANYTHING that may throw me off track!  Anything that has lots of sugar and trans fats had to go!!  I had to say good-bye to candy, cookies, canned soups, processed meats… oh how I will miss these quick fixes!

After getting everything cleared out of the fridge I decided to go ahead and prep the food for our gradual slide into the diet.  I chopped up all of the veggies, portioned the meats and all that fun stuff.  I figured getting all of this stuff done ahead of time would make it easier throughout the work week.  Usually not much cooking gets done except on my days off.  At least this way I will not have an excuse!  I will already be halfway there!!  All I gotta do is throw it all in a pan and go!

Once everything was divided up and ready to go, I noticed that the fridge itself actually looked healthier.  LOL  Sounds silly I know, but when you see fresh salads, vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken all stocked up instead of pasta, sweets and cokes, it makes a BIG difference!!!  Make the change and see what you think!

Not too bad looking huh??  Ignore the wine and champagne in the back!  Planning on finishing all of that off before we get the diet started.

Back two paragraphs ago you may have been thinking,”Gradual slide into a diet??”.  Yup, you read it right!  I talked with many people and a lot of them said you will have a better chance at success if you take the week before your diet to slowly start switching yourself over to it.  So instead of having a quick pizza and some hot wings for dinner we are going to begin eating a small salad, a bowl of soup, fish and some veggies.  Each day I plan on changing up the lunch and then the breakfast until every meal is all “healthy” and we are ready to imerse ourselves into this thing!!!

The workout plan we opted for?  P90X of course!  After reading all kinds of reviews and doing hours of research on what workout program would be best, this looks like it!  I did read a few bad reviews, but they were almost all from people that decided not to dedicate themselves to the plan and thought that it was too time consuming.  I am all for giving up my computer and TV time to do this and do it right.

Before totally getting our ass kicked with this, we are going to start by doing some extra yoga and cardio to get us loosened up and ready for this.  Not really looking forward to being sore from head to toe, but I know it will be worth it!

To keep myself on track I will be doing a daily blog.  Plus, if you are thinking about doing the program, you can get a rough idea of how it goes.

We will be taking the fit test and our “before” photos tomorrow.  Really not looking forward to the pics, but I gotta do it!  Cannot wait to compare them with the after 90 days photos!!

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2 Responses to New Year, New Year’s Resolution And The Usual Trend… New Diet!!

  1. Laura says:

    My Mother has hyperthyroidism. She has a much harder time losing weight now. Though both of us need to.

    It sounds weird but I like finding a blog about losing weight written by someone who is 250 lbs. I’m a little over that myself. I can’t really see someone who needs to lose 60 lbs as being fat and really having a problem. I remember being those sizes and it’s nothing at all like being this size.

  2. Hello Laura!!!

    I hope you enjoy the blog!!! I have received many e-mails from people saying that they thought that I was unique and they liked my blog because I was in an actual battle with weight and not just trying to lose 10 or 20 pounds.

    The hypothyroidism killed my weight loss. My doctor had to put me on meds for a while and it was amazing how I dropped the weight while I was on it. The medicine is callled Synthroid. I def need to go get my refill. :o)

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