The 7 Day No Fast Food Challenge

Recently I have had a busy schedule and have not had a lot of time or energy to do the healthy cook at home meals, so what did I end up falling back on?  FAST FOOD!

I am not gona lie, I LOVED my fast food!  I mean it is easy, convenient and well, fast!  But after 3 weeks of eating almost nothing BUT fast food… my scale was pretty pissed off at me.  I had went from the 203 that I was soooo excited about, since I was getting close to going under that 200 mark, back up to 223!  In 3 weeks!  Oi!

My boyfriend and I decided we had to stop this and stop this quick!!  So I came up with the idea of challenging ourselves and turning this into a little competition to see who could lose the most.  Seven days, no fast food, everything must be cooked at home.

Deep down I knew this was gona suck!  Luckily, I was wrong!  We are sitting on the beginning of day 5 now and so far so good!!!  I started at 223 and I have just weighed in at 215!  Eight pounds in 5 days?  I was shocked too!  Pretty excited too!  No extra effort other than cutting out fast food and whamo!  Yay!

This inspired me to do my own little diet and some of my own testing and research, which I will update you on as I get my results, good or bad.  Some of the research I did actually made me a little sick when finding out what all fast food actually consists of and all of the grease!  Ick!!!!!  Grossing myself out kind of helped out in a way.  LOL

If anyone out there has been on a fast food binge lately like I had, I strongly suggest cutting out fast food for just ONE week!  You will most likely see a HUGE difference like I did!  Give it a shot!

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  1. Ugh, I am with you! The grease! The sodium! The fat grams! And it all tastes so dam good! Lol. Stopping over from the Lady Blogger’s Society.

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