Lots and Lots and Lots of New Stuff!!!

This will be a short, but sweet update!  I have lots of new things to share, but I am currently trying to get everything in my life caught up so that I can focus on posting some awesome updates, new pages and some info on a book that is in the works!!  ;o)

Got some good news that I wanted to share too!  Since my doc has been helping me with the hypothyroidism, I have been losing weight!  22 pounds in just the first month!  You have no idea how awesome it is to actually see and feel results!  Went in for my one month overview and it looks like my thyroid is actually starting to produce a tiny bit more of the hormones than it was!  It is not a ton more, but it is a start and I am ecstatic about it!  :oD  At least I know that it can still work!  LOL

Anywhos, I have lots of posts half way written and many things in the works that I hope to share within the following days!!

Stay tuned!!!!

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