Hypothyroidism and A Healthy New Look On My Life

After almost a 2 month break, I am back!  I have been a very busy little lady and have not had much time to make “me” time to get this show back on the road.  Luckily the end of August hit and I am finally getting the time to slow down, catch my breath and get caught up on the blog, all of your messages and everything else that I let slide for the 2 months (::cough cough:: Housework ::cough cough::).

With things in my life finally getting back on its normal pace I set aside some time to go see my doctor since EVERYTHING that I had been trying to do to drop this weight had failed miserably.  You name it, I probably tried it.  The little bits of weight that I had lost here and there always came back, times 2!!  I would lose 10 and all of a sudden I had gained 20.  I had basically given up and decided just to focus on my work since I did not have a lot of free time to really take care of myself.

My doctor did some blood work and decided to start me on a weekly B12 shot and an appetite suppresant.  Within a few days my results were back.

There I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  For those who do not know what that is, it is the condition of having an under active thyroid.  In my case, mine was severely under active which of course explains the constant weight gain no matter how much I did to lose it, the fatigue, depression, trouble remembering things, slow thinking… you name it!  I had a good bit of the symptoms!   No wonder I often felt like I was in la la land!

My BMI is at 37, my body fat is 48.3% and I weighed in at 227 lbs.

Since being diagnosed with this on September 1st, 2010, my doctor has started me on some meds and a new weight loss plan to help get my body functioning properly again.  I am currently on a 1500 a day calorie diet which consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks.  I have also started a food journal so I can keep track of my meals and how I felt each day so I can adjust the meals properly so that I feel great all of the time.

I have even made a “Fat Girl” daily food journal for all of you ladies and gents out there to use!  I know, I know… you are probably wondering why you would even want to keep track of what you ate and when, but trust me, this helps a lot!!

Simply click on the pic below, when the new page opens with the pic just right click it and “Save As”.  Then you can print out your very own journal and start getting your food on track.  I will try my best to post mine daily, or at the very least weekly, so you can see how I have been using mine and all of my results.

In the coming days I will be posting recipes and all kinds of other good things that may help some of you out there!  Don’t forget to be sure to print out your very own food journal!!!

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