Starting Over & My Oh-So-Unlovely Measurements!!

Wow, so life has been just a little busy lately and I had to completely give up my challenge to get things at work and home done.  The new casino at the Greenbrier is OFFICIALLY open and eventhough I am putting in more hours, there is not as much stress.

Starting today I am going to start the Transform Your Body Challenge all over again!  Sure, I will only get to do about 3 weeks instead of the 2 months, but any are better than none!!!

I have finally decided to go ahead and post my measurements just to get it over with!  I am not happy with them, but maybe if I post them it will help me realize just how much I have to work on!  Needless to say, the measuring tape is not my friend and I am certainly not a fan of it!!!!

Here are my measurements from the beginning of the challenge (June 6, 2010).  I will try to update these weekly just so I can see if I am making any progress at all.  I am hoping I will, but we shall see!!

Neck : 14.5

Upper Arm: 16.0

Chest: 45.5

Abs: 43

Hips: 51.5

Knee: 16.5

Ankle: 10.0

Shoulder: 17.0

Forearm: 11.5

Waist: 47

Thigh: 29.5

Calf: 17.5

I recently remembered that I used to live off of cereal and salads so I have decided to try this again.  For most meals I ate cereal or a multigrain bar.  I always ate a regular dinner though.  Think I will give this another shot and see if I can get back to the skinny bitch I was when I ate this way.

So, here we go!!!

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2 Responses to Starting Over & My Oh-So-Unlovely Measurements!!

  1. Bry Jensen says:

    Best of luck this time around; you can do it!
    We’ve added you up on Fitblogs as well, so make sure to check back for tips and motivation, as well as some accountability 🙂

    We’re rooting for you!
    Bry of

  2. LaniePainie says:

    Ok, if nothing else, you’ve inspired me to find a measuring tape to compare. I hope there is one long enough to go around my neck. Oh yeah – wait, I’m supposed to stop obsessing about my neck.

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