Good-Bye Pen Name, Hello Weight!

After much thought I have decided that I am going to use my actual name on this blog.  I originally decided to go by a pen name because I did not want problem people from my past to track me down and start more drama.  I honestly do not give a damn at this point.  If they think my life is so important that they have to try to stay absorbed in it, so be it.  At least I have a life, and proud of it too!  LOL

So, you may now call me Brandi!!  Yay!!

Now for some bad news, at least for me.  I started the Transform Your Body challenge at the beginning of June, unfortunatley this ENTIRE month decided to become so flippin busy for me that I have not had time for it really.  All the weight that I was starting to lose during the month, welp, I stepped on a scale today and it has all come back… and then some.  Back to a hefty 230 again. All I can say is $%@^&!*%^&?!!!!!

My schedule is all kinds of effed up at the moment.  Class form 2pm-6pm and then work from 7pm to 3am.  I try to hit the gym at 5:30am, but I usually fall asleep before that!!  I try to get up in the afternoon, but that never seems to work.  It just sucks. I am hoping after the new casino opens I can actually get a FULL day off, no class, no work, just a sit back, relax and go workout for a bit day.  Ah, that would be nice!

Hoping that I can really buckle down in July and get going.  That will only leave me a month to get in shape, but I have the faith that my fat ass can do it!  It may not be the great results that I would have had with 2 months under my belt, but oh well.  Any good results are all I want!

The only good news that I have actually been able to break myself of some bad habits!!  Instead of drinking cokes and all that fun stuff, I now only drink water and juice!!  I allow myself one 8oz soft drink a day, just like my mom did to me when I was young!  I have found myself actually not wanting them as much, thank God!  They almost taste too sweet now.

When I would get off work I would ALWAYS want a huge meal.  I have now limited myself to 1/2 cup yogurt with some organic granola mixed in, and a bowl of fruit.  Mostly green and red grapes, strawberries and blackberries, with a side of banana.  You can imagine how shocked I was that this actualy filled me up!!!

Just happy that I have been making little improvments here and there.  Really hoping that I can get back on tack after next week and get my butt going again!  Will try to post again soon, but no promises.  I may go MIA again, who knows around here.  LOL

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8 Responses to Good-Bye Pen Name, Hello Weight!

  1. Melissa says:

    Good bye anonymity! Welcome to the world of identification, BRANDI! 🙂

    Visiting from the Lady Blogger Society Tea Party.

  2. Nikki says:

    Visiting from Lady Bloggers today!!! Good for you for continuing to try to live a healthier life. I struggle every day with trying to make healthier choices….it’s hard but when I eat crap I feel like crap and when I eat something I know is good for me I feel so much better. Love that you write about your journey….it’s nice to have the support and ideas of others!

  3. Mhel B says:

    Congrats! Good to know that you are have well adjusted with a new eating lifestyle. Its really difficulty, and you should be proud that you’re few of the ones who have actually continued living a healthy lifestyle…. Visiting from Lady Blogger’s Social Tea Party! Happy Sunday!

  4. Jaime-Ann says:

    Hi Brandi!
    Good for you – it can be hard to let everyone know exactly who you are in this “inter-verse” Now, as hypocritical as that may sound for me to say that I decided to post this comment under my real name and real account as opposed to my newly started mommy-aimed site and pen name.

    This is the first time visiting your site and I found it from this weekend’s tea party. I look forward to following your blogs as I used to be as Skinny Bitch – then had my wonderful daughter and then karma caught up to me. Effin’ eh!

  5. Visiting from LBTP, nice to meet ya Brandi! Hang in there, once you get a good routine going, you’ll get where you want to be!

  6. Angel says:

    I wish I was comfortable enough to not use my pen name! I am glad I stopped by from TLBS!!!

  7. Helena says:

    I started off using an old nicknane, so that I could write what I wanted without anyone (my mother in law) knowing about it. But she is incredibly snoopy, and went through my browser history (going through 58 blogs and sites to find mine- I counted), and was incredibly offended that I would be that open to the world.

    I learned that if people are determined, it’s almost impossible to keep a blog a secret. Or maybe I should have just deleted my browser history. Either way, the world knows my name, and I am no longer allowed to swear on my blog.

    Damn it.

  8. Judy Harper says:

    If you get a chance you should stop by and check out the strollers at The Toddler Warehouse. They have a huge variety of jogging strollers that have really helped me get the pounds off. Hope it works for you and keep up the good work!

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