A Little Work Out & Cleanse Prep

I have decided to get myself back into working out and figured I would take it a little easy to get back in the swing. So nice to get back in there even just to do the little bit that I did.  I did 8 miles on the bike and a little over 2 miles on the treadmill.  I figured since I use to run 6 miles everyday that doing a little bike and treadmill would be a combo to get me up and running again.

I plan on starting my cleanse tomorrow since me trying to start it a few days ago did not work because of all the parties and things going on.  Like I said before it is based on a cleanse my gorgeous childhood bestie did for her Shakeology cleanse.  Be sure to check out her page!!  {www.DesignerWife.com/shakeology}  She’s the best!!

Since I recently purchased the GNC Total Lean shakes, and fell in love with them, I figured I would substitue these for the Shakeology shakes that she used in hers.  I am hoping that it will work out roughly the same.

If you are like me, you have a very busy life full of work and other things that pop up along the way.  I try to prep everything that I need ahead of time, otherwise I know that I will either a: never get it done, or b: completely forget about it.  All my food, drinks, whatever I know will still be good for the next few days I try to get cooked, grouped together, etc.

For this cleanse you will be drinking a good bit of green tea.  I went ahead and made a HUGE jug of all the green tea, and more, that I will need for the next 3 days.  Since I am a multitasker as well, I went ahead and prepped this first so that I could focus on getting all of the foods and snacks lined up.

I saved a 64 oz juice container (yes, I love reusing and recyling as well!) and figured this would be the best to make the tea in.  You will be drinking approximately 48 oz of green tea over the 3 days (2 8oz cups per day).

I chose to use the Yogi green tea just for the simple fact that I got hooked on the whole line of Yogi teas at our local Kroger.  Hehe!  Anywho, You can use whatever brand you please.  I was half tempted to use the Green Tea Powder that I recently picked up at the Asian supermarket, but figured I would save it for when I make my mock Starbucks green tea frapps! 😛  If you are interested in using the green tea powder, but do not have anywhere near you that carries it, I would be more than happy to pick you up a bag and ship it off to you!  Hmm… that just gave me the idea to start a store on here… Ha!  LOL

Back to where I was…  I also love the little affirmations that Yogi has on all of the tea bag strings.  So cute!!

I took all of the tea bag strings and tied them togther, you will see why in just a few!  Next I filled my bottle up with roughly 48 oz of hot water.

Next, I simply stuck all of my tea bags into the bottle, making sure to leave the tags hanging over just a bit, that way when you put the lid on it will hold them in place and you will not be trying to fish the bags out!!  Ta-da!

Usually you just let these sit in there for 3 – 5 minutes, but I let them go ahead and hang around in there until I am done prepping since it gives it a stronger flavor.  If you are not a fan of strong tea, then you may wana take them out a wee bit earlier!  By the time I am done prepping, mine have sat for about an hour and the taste is AMAZING!

Now that I have my tea started, on with how the cleanse runs!

Start the morning with 8oz of green tea. I always drink min hot, but you could do cold as well!
For breakfast you will have your shake, you can even add 1/2 cup of fruit to it!  With my chocolate shake I LOVE to add strawberries!!  For the vanilla I add raspberries, blueberries, bananas and all those kinds of things!

In between your breakfast and lunch you can have a piece of fruit!  I usually opt for an apple, orange or a mango.  Something that I know will keep me semi filled for a short while.  It also helps that these are negative calorie foods!

For your lunch you will have another shake, but no fruit this time!!  Follow this with 8oz of your green tea.

Once again you will have a shake (no fruit) between your lunch and dinner, or you can even save it for after dinner.  I prefer after dinner just because I usually crave something sweet after it!

Now for a dinner salad!  You are allowed 3 servings of vegetables, greens, and 4oz of grilled white meat (poultry or fish) along with 2 table spoons of dressing.  I decided to do chicken on day 1, then crab followed by a mix of the 2 on day 3.  That way I do not get bored with it… which I often do with diets and cleanses.

I always make my salads ahead of time as well.  I mix all my greens and all of my servings of vegetables all together so when it comes time to eat, all I gotta do is add my meat!

Make sure to drink plenty of water!  It is suggested that you drink 2-4 liters.  I always have a problem drinking as much as suggested so I have learned to trick myself into doing it!  LOL  Bad huh??  Next blog will have some tips on how to get yourself drinking that h2o!!  I just started last week making myself drink out of the 16oz cups at work instead of the 8.  For some reason I will drink all of my water from the 16oz cups, but won’t from the 8oz.  I sound like a stubborn kid!  LOL  Whatever works though!

BTW, no dairy!!!

If you have any questions on the cleanse, please feel free to message me!

I am hoping I can last my 3 days!  I know that it isn’t long, but 3 days feel like a month when you do these things!

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