And The Weight Goes Up…

    After having a rough few days in my “diet world”, I am finally able to get this big ole butt of mine back on track! After having a potluck dinner at work (No help with the diet), a going away party for some guys at work (again no help with my diet) and then getting a tad bit of possible food poisoning or something to that nature (again no help with my flipping diet!)… I can now say that the waters are calm and I am ready to give this damn body challenge a go again! LMAO 
    You can imagine how unhappy I was when I stepped on the scale this morning to see this… 




    Yup, I have gained 5 more pounds since my weigh in. Beyond depressing!!! Ugh… At least my kitty Justice tried to be cute and weighed in herself. 🙂    

      Anywho, I am up and hoping to stay up long enough to make it to the gym. Working nights and getting off at 3am certainly makes it a little tricky for me, but I am working to find a way around this.  

    Finally getting my “before” pics up too! Not too happy with them, but I have to get them up here so I can track my progress!      Enough to get anyone to the gym huh??     

Well, I am off to the gym! Will update with my day 1 cleanse update when I return! If I do not fall aslpee first! LOL     

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