The Transform Your Body Challenge


     So my gym is having a “Transform Your Body” Challenge and… I joined!!! It is running from June 1st to August 1st!
     In the past 3 weeks I gained about 13 pounds due to my lovely stress eating and all that fun stuff. Now I am sitting at a hefty 223 once again. Ugh… Needless to say this challenge came at a perfect time for me. With my weight back on a steady rise I needed something to get me motivated and this is it!  


    The pic is my current weight info. Depressing, but this is just the beginning so I am not gonna let myself get down about it!  
    In the coming days I will be posting all of my workout and diet info to let you know how the different things that I am trying are doing. Hopefully what works for me will work for you all as well! 

      To start off I am doing a cleanse since it always seems like a great idea to start a new diet or routine with one. It is based off another cleanse that one of my friends did, I have just made one small adjustment to it so I hope it will still work for me! I will be posting the outline of that, along with some prepping pics, all tomorrow night.        

     Time to hit the bed. I have to hit the gym in the morning and me getting off work at 3am does not help me out with hitting the gym early!! Later my sexy bitches!!     



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