Fitness For Your MP3 Player

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, my mp3 player is my best friend at the gym! Nothing like a great song to keep you going!

    It is always an awesome idea to have a nice slower paced playlist for your warm up, stretches and cool down routine. Personally I go for something that I know I could read to, but not slow enough to put me to sleep. I usually break into my tracks by Enigma at this point. Very soothing and amazing for a yoga session!
    When I want something to get my butt moving on the treadmill or eliptical I opt for some techno/dance or pop at this point. You have to have something with an adequate rhythmic force, something you can coordiante your movements too. I sometimes even break into my rock and metal, but find this a little distracting at times. Don’t know why, but seriously… I just lose that umph for my workout at that point.

    Here is a quick example of what I usually break out for the more upbeat parts of my workout: 

     For some reason if I post my playlist directly on here it messes with my main page!  So I have worked and found a way around this!  Simply click the link below and my playlist should pop on up!     

         If you are still a little confused at how to set up your playlist for gym success, follow this chart about bpms to get an idea of what songs to place where on your playlist: 

       Under 100 BPM – Songs in this range usually lay on the slower side. These songs are great for warm ups, yoga,cool down or even just parts of your workout that are slower paced.

       100 – 120 BPM – Perfect for walking and other portions of your workout that are a little faster paced. 

       120 – 180 BPM – These songs are better for higher impact exercise such as jogging, running and other cardio.    

              180 and up BPMs – Perfect for a killer run or a kick ass aerobics work out! 



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1 Response to Fitness For Your MP3 Player

  1. Rapunzel says:

    Just found your blog from the Lady Blogger Tea Party, love it! Thanks so much for sharing your playlist, I really need to update mine. 🙂

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