The Stress To Be Thin

    OMG, it honestly amazes me how quickly stress eating can make its ugly appearance on your body!! Just 2 days ago I had a little lapse in my semi healthy eating. Out of nowhere I was craving a Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger! Sure enough, I ate it… and another and then at work they were, not joking here, serving cheeseburgers too! I was in cheesburger heaven and had inherited a little buddha belly in the process!!!   
    I had not had one in I could not tell you how LONG! Everytime I thought about one it just made me sick, the grease and all of that fat. Yuck! Yet, out of nowhere I started craving one of these nasty things and HAD to have one! To make matters worse, my place of employment has some amazing chefs and they always bring these awesome and yummy desserts down for us to chow down on. I knew I did not need it, I wasn’t that hungry… but I wanted it damit!! And I got it…    
    The next day followed suit the exact same way. All kinds of unhealthy, gross things were now working their way through my system. Of course after eating it all I felt like total crap. That should have been a sign that my body did not need it, but of course I wanted more. After two days of eating junk I could tell my body was hating me… My attitude got bad, my little pooch of a belly was back and I felt like Hell.     

     Luckily, I am on day 3 of feeling like this and I have been fighting this “have to eat anything and everything” mood. Instead of grabbing everyting that looks awesome and eating it, I have been making myself eat fruits instead of sweets. Shakes instead of full meals and juice and water instead of cokes. This has been helping me a bit and I do not feel like a total slug after I have my little pig out sessions.      

  It took a little while to figure out why all of a sudden I was wanting to basically binge eat after I had been doing so well cutting bad things out. I have a friend’s wedding coming up in a week, the beach trip the day after, 6 day work weeks, a possible part time job starting… in other words STRESS.    

   If you remember my first post I mentioned that I did this when I was with my ex because of all the stress that he put me thourgh and working several different jobs. I am starting to slip back into that mindset again. The stress of trying to slim down a bit before I hit the beach and see all of the little tiny things running around. Not feeling like I am pretty at all, just an over weight slob. Ya know the feeling, when you are with a guy and having a great time and then a little rail walks by and his attention follows to her for just a few seconds, long enough to make you feel like crap. Yeah…      

    This fat version of myself has really messed with my confidence level as well. I have none anymore. When I was a size 8 I was happy, confident and quite the head turner. Now I feel like I am just someone that people look at once, think yuck and move on. Another factor to my stress. The stress to be thin again. I have sooo many friends that tell me that I should still be confident because I am beautiful and don’t look the way that I keep seeing myself. Deep down I know that they are probably right, but when you feel fat and ugly… that is the way you feel. You could have 1 million people tell you that you look amazing, but if you don’t feel that way, you just don’t…   

     It just worries me that if I keep stressing about my looks, life, relationship, body and everything else that I may never get over this stress eating. I am hoping to find an easy solution to this so that I can share it with all of the other people out there that do the same.      

  I have been doing some reasearch here and there today and so far there are a few things that I have found that are simple ways to bring your stress level down. Going to give these a try myself and see how they work.      

* Yoga Or Light Exercise doing just 5 to 10 minutes of yoga or light exercise will help clear your mind and bring that stress down a bit and put you in a more     relaxed  mood. (I usually do a bit of yoga everyday, but guess what… the days I hit the binge, I had not done any yoga. Bad me! That is what I get for falling out of my routine!) Just taking a short walk or jog around the neighborhood and getting out of the house can help, and keep you away from the fridge!! If you are looking for a way to get started with yoga, I suggest checking out the Namaste Yoga site from Fit TV.     

* Deep Breath Take some deep breathes and count to 30. If you need to, count to 60. Many people have said that this will help you identfy that the source of your hunger is stress and not really your body telling you that you need food.    

* Channel Your Stress This helped me a lot a few years ago and I do not know why I ever gave it up. Take the stress out in some boxing, kick boxing, karate or even a good ole punching bag. This is a great way to take out your angry stress! Trust me!! You always feel amazing after beating the Hell out of a punching bag!    

* Write It Down Instead of grabbing that bag of munchies, grab a pen and paper! Write down what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Hopeully this will help you shed some light on what is triggering your stressful eating. Sometimes it helps to see things in writing to realize what is really, truly deep down bothering you.   

* Have You Time Days that you just feel down and out, take a little you time. Take a nice long bath or even give yourself the spa treatment. This really helps on the days that you feel very unattractive, which is a HUGE cause of stress. Get a new hair style or color, a mani-pedi or even just buy a new outfit. Just the littlest things can make you feel a whole lot better!     

More tips to come!      



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