Shake It, Shake It, Shake It!!!

 Shake Weight                                                                            

    I know you have all seen the commercials for this… I know some people have made jokes about it (perverts, LOL), but to me this whole thing just made sense. If you put it all together, it just came across to me as an easy way to hopefully tone up my arms.

    During a shopping trip yesterday I ran across the Shake Weight on a shelf for $19.99 and thought to myself, “Why the Hell not?”. I am now the proud owner of a shake weight! LOL I have not yet had the oppurtunity to watch the DVD that comes with it, but I can tell you… after giving it a few minutes worth of a try to see if this was truly going to be a joke or not… all I can say is wow. There is practically no effort needed here and you will start to feel a burn within seconds.

    I have decided to stop all of my other arm exercises and simply document my progress with this and see how things work out. Hopefully I will be able to report that this is an awesome item and a great buy!

    Did some measurements on my arms so that we can see if there really is much of a change. I plan on doing this once a week, on Wednesdays. They say that it firms and tones your shoulders and arms so I have measured both:

      Shoulder : 17 inches

      Upper Arm : 16 inches

      Forearm : 11.5 inches

    Check back for updates and to see how progress is going!


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