Please Bear With Me!

    Hello everyone!!  I am new to the whole blog thing, so please bear with me!!  I am trying to get everything set up, but some things are not cooperating with me!       

    Let me start out by introducing myself! I am Aurora Vega and no, that is not my real name.  For those of you that really know me, you will know me for my B.S..  LOL  Inside joke.  So many authors and other greats go by “pen names” and I have decided to do the same here. I have a few different reasons, but you are not here for those!   

    Before everyone decides to get their knickers in a twist about me using the name “skinny bitch”, simmer down and let me explain! This is a name that I have used for the past few years referring to the “old” me. The size 8, 135 pound version that was very happy and healthy. So no, I am not downing all of the pretty, skinny people out there in the world!   

    Now for the story about how I came to be a not so skinny bitch.   

    Unfortunately, I started a job that required me to basically sit on my perky butt behind a computer for 10 plus hours a day. On top of that having a useless boyfriend that did not work and expected you to do everything, well, let’s just say that was a little stressful and we all know stress does not exactly help you stay in shape! Constantly hearing from the one that “loves” you that you are getting fatter and that you should really start working out, all while his waist line doubled, not much of an ego booster. Few years of this and I had gained 105 lbs. Yup… I was one unhappy camper.    

    My New Year’s resolution this year was to get my fat ass back in shape. After so many years of not really getting to do anything but work, I knew it would be hard to get back into the swing of things. Luckily I joined the local gym and the rest is history! The people there have been beyond AMAZING and helpful! Thanks to the gym and a few changes that I made in my life, I have already dropped 30 pounds and 8 dress sizes!     

    Yup, I weighed 240 and I am now down to 210! Started out this year wearing a size 24, now I can fit into a 16! Not bad for less than 4 months huh?? Just proves that anything is possible when you really truly put your heart into it and put that damn cupcake down!!         Losing weight is not easy and doing it alone is tough! That is why I started this site. I really, truly want to help others in the battle of the bulge. At least here you know you will not be criticized and poked fun at. Here we can team up and keep each other going! So get your butts in gear and let’s go!!!     

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